Our Mission

The mission is the main goal of the organization, its reason for being. It is intended to set the goals and objectives of the factory. The implementation of these goals and objectives will provide a stable growth and development of the factory for the next three years.

We are a mature market company.

We manufacture and sell sanitary wares and porcelain stoneware tiles and generate steadily growing profits.

Our mission: make the harder moments of people's lives easy and enjoyable in purity and harmony.

We rely on our unique abilities such as:

high qualification of production and engineering personnel;

developed competences in working with state-of-the-art technologies and materials;

prompt introduction of innovations.

We build a modern management system and provide a steady return on investment.

In carrying out those activities, we rely on our core values:

We are constantly developing.

We are honest.

Our priority is long-term profit.