The Factory Today

The new history of the factory began in 1998, when a new team of managers came to Samara Stroyfarfor. A new promising stage of the factory's history begun at that time. Having stabilizing the situation with the production of sanitary wares, Samara Stroyfarfor launched the production of porcelain stoneware tiles in 2004, adding a new line of business. Now Samara Stroyfarfor is one of the largest enterprises in Samara region specializing in the production of sanitary wares and porcelain stoneware tiles. More than 2000 people are employed here today.

The factory sells products under the brands Sanita and Sanita Luxe for sanitary wares and Grasaro, Kerranova for porcelain stoneware tiles. All of them successfully compete with well-known brands not only in the Russian, but also in the international markets. Among Russian manufacturers, the factory holds 10% of the market for sanitary wares and 6% for porcelain stoneware tiles.

The factory has its own R&D center, which designs and develops modern equipment. The factory's internally-developed casting machines are installed in the sanitary wares production facility. Their production capacity matches that of comparable equipment by international manufacturers.

Products of the factory are sold not only in Russia, but also in the CIS countries. Expansion of the sales geography, including access to the European and Asian markets, is one of the strategic tasks for today.

Samara Stroyfarfor is on track to modernize and expand its production. Reacting with a great sensitivity to the changes in external and internal markets and introducing new technologies, the team seeks constant improvement in the quality of our products, working conditions and social security of the factory employees.

Owners, managers and employees of the company are working together towards a common goal: to make the company one of the market's leaders in quality and overall production of ceramics.  

Today, Samara Stroyfarfor has two projects to modernize and expand its production. Both of these projects have been implemented in 2018 in collaboration with the Industrial Development Fund (IDF) with the support of the Government of Samara region.

Modernization of porcelain stoneware tiles production

Total project cost: 532.2 million rubles

Attracted IDF funds: 200 million rubles

Expected result:

  • production of large-scale porcelain stoneware tiles with the size of 600x1200mm
  • increase in production capacity by 20%
  • 15% of international sales

Modernization of sanitary wares production

Total project cost: 364.9 million rubles

Attracted IDF funds: 167 million rubles

Expected result:

  • increase in the production of internally developed products
  • 25% increase in production capacity
  • import substitution by increasing the share of high-quality products in the market
  • increase in exports to the CIS countries and Europe