Along with such important tasks as the development of production and making profits, one of the most important vectors for the development of Samara Stroyfarfor is corporate social responsibility. This means that the factory fulfills the company's mission, not only by complying with the law, but also voluntarily takes responsibility for the influence of its activities and assumes additional obligations act for the benefit of society.  This is achieved through ensuring the social development of the staff, taking additional measures to improve the quality of life of workers and their families, improving the environmental conditions associated with the factory's activities, as well as actively participating in the development of society in the neighborhood of the factory. 

Our children are our future!

The factory pays a lot of attention to establishing and strengthening a link between three generations: those who used to work here – our veterans and retired employees, those who work here now, and those who will replace them in the future.

Accordingly, there are series of measures aimed for strengthening this link.

Site clean-up

Annually, a voluntary clean-up event is held attended by employees and their children. This event became something bigger than just a site clean-up, it turned into a holiday where employees' children can help their parents with clean-up, explore their parent's workplaces, to walk the production workshops in terms of guided tour, and then participate an entertainment program.   

 Day of Constructor and Childhood Holiday

This event has been annually held for 14 years already in the end of August, attended by the factory employees and their children.  The first part of the event is honoring the factory employees who were awarded at federal or factory level. The children see their parents being awarded and realize that labor is a treasure.

Next, we award the children who achieved great results in any activity:  studying, sports, Olympiads, competitions, music. They all awarded with certificates of honors and some valuable prizes. Real achievements of the child are considered. The valuable presents are awarded only to those who really deserved them, with no regard to achievements and title of their parents. Such approach motivates children to reach certain goals (in studying, sports and art competitions), and making their parents proud is another motivation for further achievements. The child coming to get a deserved award feels a special thrill seeing his or her parents proud and supportive attitude by parents' colleagues.

This holiday also honors the future first-graders. All first-graders are presented with a brand bag from professionals.

Guided tours

In order to attract a motivated employee, it is important that young people understood value of the labor and realized that nothing is created on its own. Thus, the factory holds regular guided tours for employees’ children and students from educational institutions. The tours show structure of sanitary equipment and stoneware tiles production process. Factory employees share their knowledge and show example of a working man.

Such policy of the managing staff, approved by factory employees, helps parents and their children to form a proper direction of child's own interests and goals, to find ways to overcome difficulties and to motivate the child for independent achievement of desired results in studying, self-education and adaptation in modern society.