Along with such important tasks as the development of production and making profits, one of the most important vectors for the development of Samara Stroyfarfor is corporate social responsibility. This means that the factory fulfills the company's mission, not only by complying with the law, but also voluntarily takes responsibility for the influence of its activities and assumes additional obligations act for the benefit of society.  This is achieved through ensuring the social development of the staff, taking additional measures to improve the quality of life of workers and their families, improving the environmental conditions associated with the factory's activities, as well as actively participating in the development of society in the neighborhood of the factory. 

Today, over 2,000 employees work at the factory.

One of the main priorities is the provision of maximally comfortable conditions for their work at the factory.

Travel to work

Travels to work and back is done by the factory's own vehicles. There are daily regular trips both in Samara and settlements located near the factory.

Medical attention

Factory employees can undergo a medical examination by medical specialists at factory's own infirmary. It was established at the factory in 2014 and was invested with over 4.5mln rubles. There are massage parlour, gynecologist, therapist, procedural offices and physiotherapeutic procedure office. Employees can undergo fluorography within the factory territory and receive a flu vaccination.


There are two canteens at the factory territory. The main one is located within the workshop building and operates around-the-clock.


Factory's own training facility received Education License in 2015. Any employee interested can learn an additional job specialty, to improve his or her skills and get to next professional level. Annually, over 780 people undergo retraining.


The factory rents exercise rooms for volleyball, basketball, football and many other. Starting from the moment of employment, any employee regardless of his or her position and specialty, can choose, based on its abilities, any type of sport.

Costs for sport exercises in city sports facilities are partially compensated by the organization: each employee can receive fitness allowance up to 1,000 rubles monthly.

Sport teams were formed among employees of OOO Samara Stroyfarfor in order to participate in Spartakiads. Each team is provided with sport uniform. Based on results of individual and group competitions, winners will receive award, amount of which depends on competition status and winning place. Occasionally, in terms of this field, meetings with teams from other cities are held, such as a football match between team of Samara Stroyfarfor and veterans of Krylia Sovetov club; also, the volleyball team participates in various city competitions.

An employee can also undergo "Ready for Labor and Defense" exam.


The factory supports its working veterans and their families. The factory annually holds outdoor events for them. Applicable repair of bathroom fitments is performed.