Territory Development

Along with such important tasks as the development of production and making profits, one of the most important vectors for the development of Samara Stroyfarfor is corporate social responsibility. This means that the factory fulfills the company's mission, not only by complying with the law, but also voluntarily takes responsibility for the influence of its activities and assumes additional obligations act for the benefit of society.  This is achieved through ensuring the social development of the staff, taking additional measures to improve the quality of life of workers and their families, improving the environmental conditions associated with the factory's activities, as well as actively participating in the development of society in the neighborhood of the factory. 

Samara Stroyfarfor is the the largest company of Volzhsky district, it is a main employer for such towns and settlements as Stroykeramika, Petra Dubrava, Smyshlyayevka, Alexeyevka, Ust-Kinelsky, Sputnik, Energetik, Kinel. The factory understands its responsibility in front of the residents of these settlements. Moreover, more than half of the employees live there. One of the factory's tasks is to make it comfortable for the employees not only at the factory itself, but also in their place of residence. Therefore, the factory participates in a project aimed to develop adjacent territories. This includes site improvements, mitigation of the environmental impact, participation in Volzhsky district projects aimed to the local development.   

The factory initiated and built on its own expense a public transport stop nearby and arranged a regulated crosswalk with traffic lights, installed street lighting in the area between the stop and residential area of Stroykeramika settlement which made it possible reduce road traffic accidents and make travel to the factory safer.

The factory participates in projects aimed to renovate cultural facilities and children education centers in the settlements: installing new bathroom equipment, renovating tiling. In 2017, a project called "School of Mastership" was launched with the participation of schools of KInelsky, Smyshlyayevka and Station of Young Technicians in Kinel-Cherkassy where premises were renovated by the factory.

Annually, sport events are held for children living at the territory covered by the factory: Samara Stroyfarfor Footbal Cup In 2018 was contested for by 16 teams from all settlements.

Currently, the factory supports construction of church in Stroykeramika.