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The information policy of the factory is based on the principles of trust and openness.

Our task is to inform the general public about the development of the factory, its contribution to the investment attractiveness of Samara region and Russia. We are happy to tell about the plans for the development of the factory, about the new technologies applied, about the new products developed, about the international trends in the development of the sanitary wares and porcelain stoneware markets, about the news of public life through various communication channels.

If you are interested in informing your audience about the development of modern industries, we invite you to cooperate!

Public relations director Elena Anatolyevna Osipova

Elena Anatolyevna Osipova

Public relations director


телефон: +7 999 20 03 (ext. 5118)

Public relations manager Anastasiya Ivanovna Verner

Anastasiya Ivanovna Verner

Public relations manager


телефон: +7 999 20 03 (ext. 5143)