Porcelain stoneware tiles

The factory has been manufacturing porcelain stoneware since 2004, when the first production line was installed, capable of producing 1.5 million square meters of porcelain stoneware tiles per year. Like many other manufacturers in this industry, the production began with the release of salt-and-pepper-colored tiles. Over time, other technologies were introduced, such as: polishing, glazing, lappato. Specialized equipment by the world's leading manufacturers was installed for this purpose. As of the present time, the factory is able to produce porcelain stoneware by applying almost all existing technologies in this field. In 2008, the production capacity increased threefold, and a polishing line was installed. Sizes produced by the factory: 300x600, 400x400, 600x600 mm. In 2018, after upgrading one of the lines, the factory began producing large-size porcelain stoneware tiles: 600х1200 mm. 

Porcelain stoneware tiles are produced under two brands: Grasaro and Kerranova. Products of both brands are widely used for facade cladding, flooring in rooms with high wear loads and for interior decoration. Tiles of different sizes and textures are available. All porcelain stoneware tiles are characterized by their durability, strength, resistance to impact, scratches, abrasion and exposure to aggressive chemicals, low water absorption, high frost resistance, depth of colors and patterns, resistance to temperature differences, consistent color under environmental exposure, perfect geometry, secure adherence to floor and wall surfaces. We check all these properties in our own laboratory and guarantee the quality of our products.

In 2019, we have produced
Porcelain stoneware production, 2004-2018 (million m2)
Porcelain stoneware production, 2004-2018 (million m2)