About the Factory

What does Samara Stroyfarfor mean for us, its employees?

This is a place where we can work, fulfill our potential and take pride of being part of an enterprise that does it best to achieve success and contribute to the prosperity of Russia!

This is a place where the history of Russia is built by the hands of actual people, and we can definitely say that we are making a real contribution to the development of our country.

The factory is over 75 years old. After the founding, it was supplying the frontlines of WWII, having established the production of vehicle insulators for the military industry, then in 1944, by order of the People's Commissar of Industry of the USSR, the factory was repurposed to the production of civilian products. By the end of World War II, the factory launched the main production facility for ceramic sanitary wares. In the post-war period, the Soviet Union was returning to a peaceful life, aided by civilian products of the factory. Production capacity expanded, product range updated, new workshops opened, jobs were created. The factory products helped people to build their homes, their offices and set up their own businesses. In the difficult times of the 1990s, the factory not only survived, but was also able to expand its second production line: porcelain stoneware tiles.

Today, Samara Stroyfarfor is a leading enterprise in the industry, introducing state-of-the-art innovative industrial technologies. We grow and develop extensively, and we are constantly looking for something new for our customers, develop and train our employees, take care of the region, protect the environment and take care of it, have a responsibility for the quality of our products. This in turn contributes to the investment attractiveness of Samara region and the country as a whole.

Just as many years ago, the factory makes it possible for Russia to move forward!